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Cowboy Eats Helps in the Coronavirus Shutdown

Coronavirus Community Help 

By Matt Button / The Aegis/Baltimore Sun Media 

With the coronavirus keeping people in their homes now, Cowboy Eats food truck chef and owner Randy Reinecke has started taking orders online for neighborhoods, setting up his truck in the neighborhood and delivering orders to residents at their homes.

The coronavirus pandemic and the stay-at-home orders have led local businesses to tap their creativity and find new ways to serve customers. Local restaurants have adapted by offering carryout or delivery only.

Randy Reinecke, owner of the Cowboy Eats food truck, came up with a way to continue to operate as food truck in these conditions. After discussing options with his team, he decided to use the power of social media and offer a slightly specialized service by taking his big yellow truck to neighborhoods and deliver orders directly to customers’ doorstep.

“I get a point of contact in the neighborhood and that person helps get the orders, a $400 minimum for the neighborhood. They get them to me, [and] we will fill and deliver to the customer’s door fresh from a minute down the street,” Reinecke explained while standing at the back inside his yellow truck with his stations prepped and ready for the batch of orders on the line.

“It’s going pretty well so far. I’m just glad we’re considered essential so we can keep doing this for people.”

A longtime volunteer firefighter in Harford County, he knows about handling difficult situations.

“With what I did in the fire department and really anybody that volunteers, it’s in you to do things that you can do to help anybody,” he said.

Last Wednesday, Reinecke was parked in the Laurel Valley neighborhood in Abingdon. A few people stopped to take down the truck’s contact info as they safely walked by; others slowed down or even stopped to ask a quick question.

Chris Forth was waiting a safe distance away to pick up his family’s order.

“We have some previous experience with Cowboy Eats. We love the food so when we heard they were coming here, we were on board with it,” Forth said. “I think it’s a great service for the community, too, particularly in the midst of this kind of craziness we’re dealing with right now.”

Employee Jessie Knopp is usually the runner, gathering the orders and delivering them to the waiting customers

“I feel like working on the neighborhoods I am able to help and give back to my community and I’m helping people in need,” Knopp said as she returned from one delivery and set off for the next.

“This neighborhood today is number six. We have one tomorrow, [and] I’m hoping it will take off,” Reinecke said. “I’m doing what I love to do. I can share it with people and hopefully help them in their time of need at the same time. I think it’s just the way I was brought up. It’s something that you do, to help others.”

To bring Cowboy Eats to your neighborhood contact them at by phone 410-808-1599, on the web at or find them on Facebook.